a relationship built individually

he looks so serious as he stares
unflinchingly into your eyes
it unnerves you
how steadfast his gaze is
his mouth moves
words tumble out, jumbled, a mixture of concrete and sand
he promises you all, everything
you don’t believe him
never have – he always proves you right
his cement is false
cracks under the weight of your expectations
his constant flow of empty words
and carefully constructed promises
but you don’t have anywhere else to be
so you light another cigarette
ignore his eyes
stare into the ceiling
bore holes into it
with your burning dissatisfaction
he fumbles with your hair
trying to be delicate
in his indelicate body
trying to be delicate
with your indelicate desires
you roll over
smoke your cigarette
look anywhere but at him
he touches your exposed back
traces small figures onto it
his caress once exciting
once welcome
once desired
now sends wave after contemptuous wave
shuddering through you
like a thick wintery wind
you keep smoking your cigarette
until the ash runs out
nothing’s changed
and you wouldn’t notice if it did


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