I think he likes being treated badly
Going after me
Like a $100 bill in the wind
When I float away from him
But when I stop
And open myself up
Share my tender flesh
He’s never to be found
Though I search and call out for him
Cold and distant
When I close up shop
He comes crawling back
Like a man dying of thirst in the desert
And I’m the only well to drink from
For miles around
I tried to drown him once
Make him need me in the well of my desire
But like a determined rat
He swam himself to safety
Shook me off
Went wandering into the wilderness
I dried up
And he came back
Do I want such a broken man?
A man who only wants what he can’t have?
A man who doesn’t desire me
But the pursuit
The chase
The excitement of my
I’ve dried up like a riverbed
Let him starve


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