I Am The Worst Person To Date

I need soft things to sooth my insatiable insides
I need tender things to tame my wild whims
I am hard and caustic and a veritable storm of irrate and belligerent beliefs
but my flesh is supple
and my heart is open
I am a whirlwind of intense introspection
I will destroy myself
and rebuild myself
I do not fear loss or pain
been endlessly bled
and yes
here I stand
a plague to those
whose own homes would crumble
under the slightest test
I will test you
If you seek me
I will try my best to destroy you
in my fury
so I know
you won’t bend or break
be brittle when I need strength
because the fruits I have hidden
deep inside dark, thick shells
are sweeter than breath
give life when all had been forsaken
I am the renewal
amongst a world of desolation
I am the soft, abundant flesh
in a sea of acid
I will not crumble
or break
when you need me
I do not fear
our inevitable heartache
for I love
I am
I am
I am
I am the worst person to date
for I do not bend to my fears
do not let my inhibitions falter me
I seek them out
and destroy them
I destroy myself
I cultivate myself
I am growth and renewal, creation
I am love
I am unconditional
I am
I am
I am


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