We Threw Away Our Old Maps


out and down
tumble down
he fell down
as he
opened himself up
lost in his own voice
he told me of the secrets
he kept hidden
dug his dull nails into his skin
tore the sorrow from his veins
laid them out
thrust them upon me
told me to examine his past
his old self he kept preserved
in murky water jars
smashed to bits
releasing their acrid smell
his songs coming out like
like ghosts released
from their tombs
I did not want to be near
as he tore himself open
released his sickness
the sight
the smell
the sounds
he proceeded to light
himself on fire
I looked on at dark flames
turning color to ash
turning truth to forgiveness
he burned and burned
his body warmed me
rocked me to sleep
a warm, heady, hazy strength
came over me
comforted me
held me in the vastness
of our expansion
I awoke and saw
a new man
free from himself
I touched him and
he did not flinch


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