A Journey of Self-Exploration

Oh-my! I’ve been working on becoming a better person and being more positive. One way that I’ve found that has helped with that is working on opening up my chakras. I went to see a psychic for my birthday and a lot of the things she was telling me were inaccurate or seemed weird, but some things, man, they were so spot on. My brain couldn’t keep up. After going home and processing everything, I think the things that stuck most with me were about working on myself.

Psychic: You’re going to marry a man who makes you feel secure and happy and you love him deeply, but you’re not in love with him.
Me: That’s been my biggest fear.
Psychic: Don’t manifest your fears.

When she said that, it really struck a chord with me. I have been living a large portion of my life in fear. One of my fears is regretting missed opportunities, so that fear is greater than the possible rejection or failure. I suppose that is one helpful fear. Either way, I want to have more confidence in myself, to do the things I long to do but am too afraid to do. To do the things I see other people enjoying and would also like to enjoy.

The psychic said my throat chakra is clear and not blocked (surprise, surprise) but that my heart chakra is partially blocked, and that my solar plexus chakra is all off. The solar plexus chakra has to do with self-confidence as well as intuition. I found this to be very accurate for I rely heavily on my emotions and feelings to make my decisions, and in my last relationship I felt like they let me down. So I need to start trusting myself (solar plexus chakra) and bring back the strength of my intuition. I also need to heal my heart chakra and forgive myself and people completely for the wrongs they have done against me. I copied some affirmations from the internet relating to these chakras which I find to be especially helpful for me.

Working on yourself and improving yourself is hard, but I feel that in the long run it will be the best thing for me.


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