How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

What? A magical way to cure my writer’s block found in this article? No way! Yes way! Well, halfway! This article is about certain tricks that help me end my frustrating writer’s block. They won’t work for everyone because, well, not everyone is me, but hopefully some, if not all, will work for you.

A. Crow’s Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

5. Stop Listening to Music

You heard me right, read me right. I find that when I listen to other people’s words it blocks my own flow of creativity when trying to come up with the perfect phrase or sentence. Cutting out all music helps me focus and concentrate on the task at hand. Not listening to music helps me concentrate on my own specific tone or mood that I want to create. This is partly why I’m jealous of my artist friends who can sit in bed watching Netflix and draw while I have to sit at my desk staring at pen and paper or monitor and keyboard in total silence in order to create.

4. Get Up

Stand up out of that chair. Get up off the bed. Uncurl yourself from the chaise lounge you nabbed from the side of the street. Whatever it is you are lying in or on or under, get up out of it. Stretch yourself. Go for a walk. Get out of your house and wander around. Look at something that you would normally pass by and examine it. Your neighborhood, hell, even your backyard is full of unique and diverse specimens to be explored and analyzed. Sit and stare at the ants in your backyard. They are always doing something. Always working towards some goal. Get inspiration from the natural things around you. Don’t let your creative juices stagnate in your home.

3. Take a Long Ass Shower

Or a hella long bath. Whatever you need to do to clear your mind. Don’t bring a book or your phone or anything into the bath with you. No dinosaur toys. Just lie in the tub and enjoy some alone time. Or deep condition your hair in the shower. Either way, the shower is a great place to lose your mind and do some thinking.

Drought Update: When washing your body or deep conditioning your hair, turn the water off to conserve it. When taking a bath, just fill it up halfway.

2. Daydream

I love to daydream. I wish I could daydream all the time. These moments of half-consciousness are creative gold. I find some of my best ideas spring forth when I let my mind wander. My favorite place to do this is in the passenger seat of a long car ride. Don’t have a friend with a car? Take an Uber or a Lyft to downtown or the beach. Don’t want to pay that much money or get stuck in traffic? Take the Metro to Long Beach. It’s $1.75 and an hour long train ride. Perfect. Bring a little notebook and start looking out the window. Lose yourself. Forget about your project. Just enjoy the ride and let your mind wander. $1.75 to get back home.

1. Read

Yes, most of my advice is driven around getting yourself away from writing and out of your creative zone, but I find that the best way to break my writer’s block is to read. Read someone else’s writing. Read out of genre. Read a new author. Read a poem or a short story. However, get off the internet! Read an actual book. Feel the pages. Look deeply at the words without straining your eyes. Take the book out of your writing space and enjoy it as a unique reading experience. Let your mind wander into someone else’s realm, then come back and apply that creative energy to your own writing.

Voila! I hope this has helped. Let me know your writer’s block busters in the comments. Or, if you try one of my tricks, let me know how it worked for you.


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